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TARGET - BMS is a comprehensive business management solution designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency across various aspects of your business. Our product comprises several modules tailored to address specific needs within your organization. Each module offers powerful functionalities to optimize processes and drive growth. From managing orders to tracking finances, TARGET - BMS empowers you to take control and achieve success in today's competitive landscape


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Buyer Costing

Effortlessly generate and customize garment costing in alignment with buyer requirements, ensuring accuracy and competitiveness in pricing.

Factory Order

TARGET - BMS structures the FOS in terms of trading as well as commission basis. Once on generating the FOS the system provides with the Projected Profit report for the merchandiser and the management for high level expected Margin.

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Why Choose

Time and Action Planning

Track and manage planned execution dates versus actual execution timelines, facilitating on-time delivery and efficient resource allocation.

Inspection Audits

TARGET - BMS acts as a user friendly tool especially for Inspection module where the QA will be able to inspect in factory even during the crucial period without internet access. TARGET - BMS captures the data locally during offline and uploads the data back.

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Commercial Invoicing

Generate professional invoices tailored to global buyers' requirements, ensuring smooth transactions and financial compliance.

Receipt, Payment, Credit Note, Debit Note and Journal Voucher for Buyer, Factory, Supplier and Forwarder.

TARGET - BMS has covered all the financial accounting vouchers in a most simplified way where the end user will not hesitate or feel difficult to the understand the accounting flow of the application.

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Vendor Bidding

an invitation to bid is a way for the business owner's to get as many bids from the vendors as possible for a better pricing in terms of margin fixing. Target BMS boosts the System in fixing the fabrics and accessories cost with margin through the timely online bidding process.

Vendor Quotation & Evaluation

The Vendor Bidding feature allows vendors to input their bid prices directly into the system. Once submitted, vendors can also view and compare their quotations with those from other vendors.

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Log Based Buyer Access

operates on a highly secure log-based access system, enhancing overall security and ensuring authorized user stability. Stay confident knowing that your operations are safeguarded against unauthorized access, allowing you to focus on your core tasks with peace of mind.

Outlet Management Dashboard

Target BMS provides a user-friendly dashboard for overseeing multiple outlets from a single interface. Our solution offers real-time reporting, hierarchical access control, and seamless integration for efficient management.

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Business Benefits

Unlocking Business Advantages


MIS Analysis Reports

Comprehensive insights into business operations for informed decision-making.


Sales Analysis

Detailed examination of sales data to optimize strategies and improve performance.


Email Alerts & Reminders for Advance

Timely notifications to stay ahead of deadlines and commitments.


Vendor Registration and Fabric bidding

Streamlined processes for vendor management and material procurement.


Factory Contract Expiry Alert

Proactive notifications to manage contract timelines and renewals efficiently.


Financial Accounting POS System

managing financial transactions seamlessly within point-of-sale operations.

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